Collectors Feedback

* ''We have received the artwork in good order. It is a beautiful piece of art. Many thanks.'' - Mustafa Rehmanji, 17 March, 2016

* "Hi Jiaur, I can confirm receipt of the artwork today. Thanks for all your help with this." - Arijit Ray, 23 March, 2015

* "I have got the order today. Thank you so much. They are fabulous.'' - Roopal Purab, 28 January, 2015

* "Received the paintings yesterday. Look forward to collect more works of your. Thanks." - Bindu Borle, 11 January, 2015

* "Received the painting. All good, Jiaur. Thank you!" - Sandeep Banerjee, 25 August, 2014

* "Received the painting and authenticity certificate in good condition. Thank you." - Pooja Mahajan, 9 January, 2014

* "I loved the painting. I am glad I got it at good price." - Ranvijay L, 14 September, 2013

* "We received the paintings yesterday morning. They are beautiful." - Bindu Borle, 8 September, 2013

* "Thank you for a pleasant transaction." -  Biren Gosalia, 30 August, 2013

* "Received the painting in good condition. Thank you very much for the same." - Nikhil Rawal, 29 May, 2013

* "Painting received in good condition and we are very satisfied. The whole process of dealing is very fast, use of reputed courier as well as the packaging was highly   
 N. Tandon, 29 January, 2013

* "Happy to have bought this work by Jiaur Rahman, talented artist. The depth he achieves with watercolors is amazing. This is a scene from the Kolkata monsoon
    drenched streets, where you can see the tram coaches with people walking about, the Ambassador car/taxi waiting to cross, maybe after the tram leaves. The
    almost monotonal gray adds to the charm of this work, where the fluffy tree leaves and gray clouds overhead seem to converge in a world of their own. Beautiful work,
    very lifelike (has 3D effect a friend told me), well packed and delivered by reputed courier. Now, look forward to see it in my study."
- Shrinivasa Bhat, 7 December 2012

* "I am glad I have made a good choice, it is indeed very eye catching. Congratulations and keep it up. I will be looking for more in the future." - Jawed Ather, December 4, 2012

* "The colours and vibrancy of the art work are very appealing and impressive, especially in the size of the painting." -  Priya Kurien, 18 January, 2012

* "I liked the work . The colors depict the true message of the artwork." - Rajesh Agrawal, 14 December, 2011

* "Very interesting works by this artist. Very prompt delivery and good handling. Art work arrived in a good condition." Sakala Appachu, 18 November, 2009

* "This painting is lovely." - Anila Bal, 16 December 2008

* "Nice painting. Glad I bought it. Very impressed with all the works of the artist." - Anang Lalbhai, 13 August, 2008

* "Good small piece by the artist. Very efficient." - Udayaditya Gupta, 5 June, 2008

* "Have just started to acquire art as i have always wanted to build up my own collection and wanted to let you know that i have started of with one of your creations-the
    radha krishna painting.Love your watercolours as well.And loved the ones with tribal art scenes, the colour sare truly breathtaking, searched all around the internet for
    similar paintings by you  could not find any as all have been acquired.Just wanted to let you know i am a fan and
i am in love with the colours and the way you draw.
    Count me a some of your ardent fans.
I love your work. On your website i went through your watercolours and wow, difficult to get hold of even that. I wish you all the best. "

    - Abhimanyu Singh, 29 December, 2007

* "A beautiful piece of work. Bright, clean and simple. It really captures the idyllic charm of rural India/Bengal." - Neil Ghosh, 13 July 2007

* "Very alive watercolor. Extremely professionally executed. Pleasure to deal with." - Yamini chhetri, 19 January 2007

* "Lovely piece of work. Truly a class apart. A very pleasant experience." - Tania Anand, 22 December 2006

* "Beautiful work of vibrant colours." - Madhusudan reddy, 10 September 2006

* "We liked the painting. Thank you." - Purvi Patel, 3 September 2006

* "Large and bright work by Jiaur Rahman is captivating and truly affordable." - Porus Vazifdar, 24 August 2006


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