We always shipped order with great care for provide the best service to our collectors/ buyers/ clients and we dispatch/ deliver order with high quality packing and courier service for 100% customer's satisfaction. Please read our returns policy before book your order.

  1. Damaged in Transit:
    Should there be any damage to the artwork in transit the buyer should not accept the parcel and should notify us by email at jiaur.rahman@yahoo.com / info@jiaurrahman.com immediately.

  2. Negligent Handling or Poor Packing:
    On account of negligent handling or poor packing, it can be returned to the Artist within 2 working days- this means you should ship it back within 2 days even if it takes longer to reach the artist, that's okay. In such a case we will refund the full/partially amount or exchange artwork to the buyer.

  3. Artwork Does Not Match With Image:
    The other reason you can return the work is because the image does not match the artwork. However, our Terms & Conditions does not allow you to return the work because you have changed your mind and do not like the artwork anymore. Such a return is not covered by our terms of sale.

  4. Forfeit of Buyer's Right:
    It is made clear that the buyer would forfeit his/her right of refund/replace the art works if such steps are not taken within two days of receipt of artwork.

    However, the unsatisfactory condition will only be covered for not exact artwork, damaged or spoilt condition and not be returned/exchanged because the buyer changed his/her mind and do not like the artwork he/she has purchased.

  5. Images Produced with Great Care from Artworks:
    While great care is taken to reproduce the colours and form of paintings as depicted on the website/computer screen/digital screen it is understood that since each painting is individually painted there may be a little variations in shade, colour and brightness. We try to advice the artists to maintain the image as it is with original artworks. No complaints in this regard would be entertained.

    If you have any feedback, suggestion, clarification or query please do email us on- jiaur.rahman@yahoo.com / info@jiaurrahman.com , we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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